There ain’t no party like a Lagos party.

Or so they say. This weekend, Dazed flew out to Lagos, Nigeria for the third annual MTV Africa Music.

Awards and spent a few days and some late nights meeting rap, R&B and kuduro superstars from across Africa: names like Banky W, Fally Ipupa, Daddy Owen, Cabo Snoop and Radio & Weasel, from Angola to Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond, all huge stars in their own countries, selling truckloads of records despite rampant piracy and a rickety music industry. These guys are kind of the Jay Zs and Snoops of Africa, basically.

Finding Sisterhood
- a decolonizing and queer mapping of contemporary
dance and performing arts 


Art group Ful

Ful is a queer feminist art collective based in Sweden that through an intersectional understanding of the art event/occasion, produces performances, exhibitions, publications, podcasts and curates talks and meetings. Ful (founded 2008) consists of artists and activists that are working with analysis, theory and knowledge formation through art based on queer feminist ideas, decolonial practices and postcolonial aesthetics. Ful has worked both in Sweden and internationally, with amongst other things their award-winning art magazine Ful and internationally touring and award-winning performances such as Europa Europa and Mothers’ Manifest.



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High resolution photos to be used in connection with the performance Future Memory. Please credit the photographer and performer. Photographer: Imre Zsibrik. Performer: Rani Nair.






Finding Sisterhood is a surface, a platform, a practice that both presents, makes and widely creates a language for artistic practices that instead of discussing whiteness draw inspiration from communities working with decolonisation. This project derives from a need and necessity to mobilize a movement or to name aesthetic practices that are flourishing and constantly contributing to the contemporary development of dance and performing arts, but rarely given centre stage and barely visible in our history and archives. 

Finding Sisterhood wants to create a space, a platform and a practice that presents, makes  and creates a further language for artistic practitioners who, instead of discussing whiteness and cis and heteronorms are in dialogue whit their own communities working with queer expressions, decolonizing actions or re-indigenizing art.



Rani Nair (choreographer and dancer) and Nasim Aghili (director, writer and performer)



Event dates: 





March 2021 at MDT in Stockholm





The art group Ful presents
The Love Story/Solidarity Act/Performance Series/The Dream: 
Finding Sisterhood


Fannie Sosa & Navild Acosta

We have the pleasure to announce that the evening will be graced with the performance art duo Fannie Sosa & Navild Acosta and their new piece “Pleasure against the Machine” that we’ll be viewing via link.


Sosa & Acosta are the duo behind the highly acclaimed performance piece “Black Power Naps” and they’ve been written about in several international magazines and visited a great number of art scenes and we can’t be more excited for their first viewing in Sweden with “Pleasure against the Machine”.


“Pleasure against the Machine” is a poetic and melodic 45 min conversation & duet between the artists delicately unpacking the uses of pleasurable methodologies to spite pleasure mining machines/mechanisms in the times of The Rona. Join them as they prose, sing and jam on the subjects of Libidinal Impulse, Skin Hunger, Platonic Touch, soothing sensory baths and more. After the viewing of “Pleasure against the Machine” Fannie Sosa & Navild Acosta will host an online conversation (ca 30min) with the audience. DON’T MISS OUT!



ButchFemme AB

The night also presents the precarious libertines Antiffa Vänsterfitta & Butcharnas Butch who with a bang invite us to their mobile Gay bar and Service area for accomplices and comrades. They offer food, beverages and the performance “Butcharnas Butch stepping on the grave of masculine hegemony”.
Once in a lifetime opportunity!




Initiators/Curators: Nasim Aghili & Rani Nair 

Performers: Fannie Sosa & Navild Acosta (Black Power Naps),
ButchFemme AB & The art group Ful



Finding Sisterhood is made in cooperation with MDT, Stockholm and with support from the Swedish arts council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the municipality of Lund and Stenkrossen´s Maxi grant