Dixit dominus
cantata variations


- A series of dance acts

Event dates: (CANCELLED due to COVID-19, until further notice)
28 March, 13:00

9 May, 14:30 (Revolve Festival)

Location: Uppsala konstmuseum



Memory and archive is a recurring thematic in my work, first time through the inheritance of Dixit dominus in 2003, a solo made for the Indian dancer Lilavati with choreographer Kurt Jooss in 1976. A starting point for the choreography was the cantata, Dixit dominus, by Händel, "So spoke the Lord". My initiation into Indian dance was a form of a prayer, and where a formalised practice is to sing before actually dancing the steps. For the Uppsala Konstmuseum I will aim to transpose the choreography of the inheritance into different mediums and materialities.